A nature photographer, avid adventurer, wildlife lover and teacher, Matt Green is a young passionate energetic soul that is dedicated to the conservation of our wild places. It is through Matt's images that he hopes to provide awareness of the importance of conservation and hopes to educate people to be responsible stewards to our environment.

At the age of five Matt was introduced to the outdoors by his father and never looked back. Spending many a winter and summer camping amongst wildlife in the Texas hill country, Matt immediately memorized each and every duck species in North America. His interest in wildlife grew, with his mother's background in zoological education. Matt found himself as a volunteer in the large mammals department of the San Antonio Zoo, specifically bears. Hauling hay, cleaning exhibits, running errands, and giving speaking tours provided Matt with first hand experience of educating people about wild animals and how critical eco-systems are to each species. But having the opportunity to interact with several species of bears sparked a lifelong passion of Matt's. The bear has been a part of Matt's thinking processes ever since then. This passion allowed Matt to raise North American black bears for education outreach and further get to intimately understand these animals. Photography has always been a part of Matt's life as well, but when he traveled to Europe in high school and started to teach and help people with their photography, he noticed that this was something he could use as a tool of expression for the conservation of wildlife.

“I am happiest when I am out among nature. Being able to sit in a meadow surrounded by snow capped mountains and that moment when I make eye contact with one of the largest land carnivores in North America, the brown bear is where I feel at peace and know that documenting the wild world is my passion and mission in life."

As a nature photographer, Matt is appreciative of the experienced icons in the industry that have helped him along the way. Matt looks to the vision of several professional photographers and has had the honor of getting to know and learn from a few, Art Wolfe and Roy Toft. Matt helps Roy on his trips to Alaska and is planning to help Roy again this year. Roy has helped Matt develop his marketing skills and helped him learn the ropes of conducting workshops. Roy is a great teacher and true friend and mentor to Matt. Several years ago Matt met up with Art Wolfe, which developed into a small mentorship. Art has helped Matt with his composition and helped in understanding the business side of photography. Learning from these professionals has allowed Matt to grow and given him a greater knowledge of photography and his love for it, which has allowed him to develop his own style.

One of Matt's more favorable memories is when he was off the coast of Katmai National Park photographing brown bears: "I sat entranced by this drama of a sow and her cub as they were clamming off the coast, hours seem to pass. I was so fascinated by what I was watching that I forgot about the rising tide, which is the second fastest tide in the world. Taking me totally off guard I found the water around my ankles. I looked and there was the Shelikof Strait's cold tide growing ever deeper by the second! All I could do was laugh at myself, before turning to head back out of the tides grip as did the mother and her cub. As I look back at that image, I see just what I wanted to convey; the methodic teaching of a mother to her off spring; not unlike the human mother/child relationship. The body language of the bears, the lights refraction off the hair of their coats, the sparkle of the brilliant waters, and so much more was there hiding just waiting for me to discover it."


"Awareness is the key; I hope that my images allow others to stop and think about our wild places and that, will spark an interest in learning about them and wanting to protect and conserve them."